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Specialisation Verification: CALD providers must meet these criteria

In the previous video, we introduced the Specialisation Verification – a tool to help aged care providers to differentiate themselves. 

If you are not sure what specialisation verification is, click the video on the right a brief overview.  


If you are an aged care provider who offers services to CALD elders and want to get verified. Tier Two is what you need to look at!

Specialisation Verification Tier Two contains 11 criteria. To get verified, you only need select and evidence 4 of them. From the video below you will get a quick introduction to the CALD  specialisation verification process:

  1. Where to apply
  2. What are the criteria and what do they mean?
  3. We have chosen four criteria examples (of course, you will choose the ones that are the best fit your offerings)