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Diversity Framework Webinar Series 2022-23

The diversity framework works to embed diversity in the design and delivery of aged care services. It takes a comprehensive approach based on recognition of human rights, supports aged care service providers to improve care, encourages consumers to be partners in the design of aged care services and recognises that like our wider community, older people have diverse characteristics and life experiences and may need different approaches with the aged care services they receive.

Webinars which unpack each of six outcomes of the Diversity Framework, developed and hosted by PICAC SA are now available. 

The webinars are addressed to senior managers and leaders from residential, home care and CHSP services. Particularly these currently working in the aged care, responsible for meeting aged care quality standards, involved in quality assurance and preparation for Quality Review and the organisational Aged care Diversity Framework action plans’ development and implementation.

Watch Diversity Framework webinars.

Dementia Care for CaLD Communities

Introduction of Dementia and Brain Health

Myths of dementia exist because people are not fully aware of what dementia is and how it happens and develop in the brain. Especially under a cultural and language filter, dementia can be understood as a mental illness.

From this webinar, not only you will gain a general knowledge of dementia, but look at dementia from other cultural perspectives.

Tackling Stigma & Discrimination

Discrimination against people living with dementia can be caused by cultural biases, misunderstanding, and personal assumptions about dementia, due to a lack of understanding of the disease. People living with Dementia are more likely to suffer social isolation than the general public. This webinar is a great tool for care workers, not only be more aware of what clients are facing but understand how their role can make a difference. 

‘What is high-quality care?” Build Workforce Capability Framework for your organisation

The Workforce Capability Framework plays a pivotal role in establishing standardized skills, competencies, and qualifications that are essential for providing high-quality, culturally appropriate care. It empowers organizations to translate organizational changes into specific expectations and requirements for each role. In this webinar, we will highlight the three key steps involved in building a successful framework: Preparation, Implementation, and Measurement.

Resilience Webinar Series: Bounce Ability (5 Sessions)

Module 1: Introduction of resilience

This foundation module will lead you to the world of resilience. You’ll understand the concept of resilience, understand the relations between resilience and recovery, and interesting theories such as stress performance curve and support network mapping.

Module 2: How do attitudes shape resilience?

The power of what you think is important! Do you know everyone’s attitude can be broken into 3 ‘P’s? Permanence, Pervasiveness, and Personalisation! Let’s figure out what your 3P’s are and attract the positive energy back!

Module 3: Values and Goals as a Compass

Values and goals should help you make sure you don’t overcommit and don’t overload yourself. However, our values and goals may change over time, that’s why it’s important to revisit your values and especially if you start to feel unbalanced, confused, or if your resilience is low.

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence, Take Lead of Your Own Emotions

Emotional intelligence is not just about understanding your emotions, but also being aware of your emotions and knowing what you are feeling at any given time so that you can respond in an appropriate way rather than allowing your emotions to control you.

Module 5: Humour as an antidote to stress and be the ‘chill’ one in the room

We all love a good laugh! In the workplace, we want to be a little ‘silly’ while still maintaining a professional demeanour, and it’s possible! This webinar will give you some tips and practices on your ‘bonding’ humour!

MAC Cultural Diverse Ageing Symposium

Hosted by Multicultural Aged Care (MAC) – PICAC SA, it’s a day filled with diverse speakers, service providers, and researchers who share their stories, strategies, and tools to implement core principles of cultural diversity in the workplace, business and everyday life, with a narrative approach. This symposium is designed to provide a hands-on approach to learning about cultural diversity in ageing. 

(PW required: 16492)

Young Carers

The Royal Commission into aged care has started to address a number of issues and one of these is the need for diversity and culture in the workplace. 

For organisations to be able to show they are addressing cultural diversity, they will need to have suitably qualified individuals.