Diversity. Capability. Culture.

Fortis is a Nationally recognised industry-leading boutique consultancy offering a range of services to create more inclusive businesses.

Our Consultancy services focus on diversity, capability, culture and leadership for any business. Our flagship PICAC program ensures culturally appropriate services and support for appropriate aged care.

Our programs help our clients in business and in government to deliver better services and achieve high quality outcomes for their business.

How does
it work?

At the heart of all work undertaken by Fortis is culture and diversity.

Fortis partners with you to harness culture and diversity, build capacity, develop a more productive culture and improve engagement with your workforce and your market.

What does that look like?

Through partnership and collaboration we work with you to better understand the culture of your business. Our award-winning Pulse Survey provides a snapshot of your business culture, benchmarked against the industry norms.

The tangible results of a Pulse consulting program often include:

  • Greater cultural alignment and diversity across the business
  • Stronger leadership and understanding of business needs
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced connection to community
  • Better internal problem-solving capabilities
  • Stronger staff attraction and retention
  • Streamlined internal and external communication
  • Better market sensitivity and responsiveness
  • A more collaborative workplace

Our Services

Diversity Consulting

Diversity is a powerful driver of productivity. We address all aspects of inclusion through Pulse surveys and training.

Capability Consulting

Fortis partners with you to develop the capabilities of your staff and capacities of your organisation.

Culture Consulting

We partner with you to create or change the culture within your workplace that it is consistent with your brand.


Consultancy is proven to substantially improve services for culturally and linguistically diverse people, their families and communities – while also driving improved productivity and return on investment. Our consultancy services build those bridges between business and community for mutual reward.

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