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Information Sessions

Cultural Background Resources 2023 PICAC NT

Tools to help care for seniors fro CALD backgrounds.

  • Aged care information in languages
  • Resources for service providers
  • Translating and Interpreting Services
  • Care information in languages

Advance Care Planning Australia

Be open, be ready, be heard. With Advance care planning, elders can now plan for their future. When they become seriously ill and unable to communicate their preferences or treatment decisions, their loved ones and health providers would know what matters most to them and respect their treatment preferences.

Advance Care Planning Australia is funded by the Australian Government and administered by Austin Health. 

To learn more about the program and related activities, please visit Advance Care Planning Australia website. 

Payment for Older Australians Factsheet in 12 languages

Age Pension provides income support and access to a range of concessions for older Australians. This includes a Pensioner Concession Card. This card gives people cheaper health care and lowers the cost of some goods and services.

In the factsheet you can find information on age and residency rules, accessing Age Pension if people have been an Australian resident for less than 10 years, claiming and change in circumstances.

Visit link.

Easy read! Discussion paper for a new in-home care program

Ending on 25th November 2022, have your say in the new program for in-home aged care. 

The Department has published an EASY READ version introduction to help you understand what it’s about, and how to give your feedback! 

In the easy-read package, you will find 1) an information sheet in plain English that has everything explained in bulletins. 2) A summary that is available in 19 languages!

Check it out:

FREE Translation Service is now available for Aged Care!

Free Translating and Interpreting Service is now officially available for agencies and businesses that need to deliver a high-quality service to their non-English speaking clients.
The service includes immediate phone interpreting, ATIS automated voice-prompted immediate phone interpreting, pre-booked phone interpreting, on-site interpreting, and Illegal Maritime Arrival interpreting.