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COVID-19 Support

Covid-19 Vaccination Information in your Language

If you’re an aged care service provider, you’ve probably experienced a series of challenges related to COVID-19 in the past year.

You probably had to make critical decisions very quickly – decisions that affected the livelihood of many in a complex, ambiguous and uncertain environment. From social distancing to work-from-home measures, client communications to shutdown procedures – no business has been out of the pandemic’s reach.

1. Governance, Leadership & Planning

The disruptive effects of COVID-19 demand the introduction of an agile governance and leadership system that can steer your organisation through uncertain times. Check your governance readiness and considerations for action here:

2. Core Service Delivery

It’s best practice for organisations to identify high-risk core service delivery areas threatened by COVID-19. You can assess your situation using the Core Service Delivery checklist here:

3. Management Processes

Current challenges posed by COVID-19 require organisations to look at, define and mobilise all the necessary resources to keep the doors open. Check your readiness to effectively manage your finances, IT risks, infection control and communication processes during and after the COVID-19 outbreak using the Management Checklist below:

Please note: The framework is of a general nature and should be considered in line with relevant advice from state and national authorities.

4. Current Outbreaks in ACT, NSW and VIC

5. September edition of the COVID-19 vaccines multicultural audiences stakeholder pack.

This pack contains in-language communication resources explaining recent updates to the COVID-19 rollout, information on pregnancy and COVID-19 vaccines, and videos from community members explaining why they got vaccinated and information about mental health.