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About Us

Fortis Consulting was established in 2007 as a national organisation designed to deliver consultancy for diverse Australian businesses - an answer to the traditional single-sector focused consultancy model.

We believe diversity, capability, leadership and culture are powerful in any field, and that’s why we consult on them across the government, defence, corporate, aged care and not-for-profit sectors. We also hold the sole WA PICAC contract on behalf of the Department of Health.

Today, Fortis has a consistent team of full-time staff and access to a network of 150+ consultants, each offering a wide range of services focused on diversity, capability, leadership and culture. We also have an established in-house project management team, drawing on 40+ years of professional, volunteering and lived personal experience in disability, mental health and aged care.

We don’t just consult on inclusive organisations. We support them.

Since Fortis was founded, we’ve committed to the community like no other – having contributed over $1m to community-based organisations over the years. We’ve also offered resource development and provision, organisational support, customised training packages, cultural competency training and much more. Beyond this, our senior team members have held roles within the NFP sector, including with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

Some of our past and present community partners include: