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Capability Consulting

To maximise productivity, both staff and the organisation must be capable of change.

Fortis partners with you to develop the capabilities of your staff and capacities of your organisation to leverage diversity and create the optimum culture engaging productively with stakeholders and the broader community.

The Fortis team undertakes audits to identify education and training needs before developing and implementing education and training programmes.

Workforce development programs including education and training course, design, delivery, mentoring and coaching services. All services and courses are custom designed based in the specific needs of your client organisation.

A wide range of capabilities can be addressed along with the more contemporary subjects around cultural communication and relationships. Topics including:

  • The workplace
  • Developing self-awareness
  • The impact of emotions in the workplace
  • Cultural competence – working with each other
  • Measuring for success
  • Multicultural sensitivity
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Giving and receiving instructions and feedback
  • Adding value in a diverse workplace
  • Building trust and confidence – embracing the unknown
  • Working towards workplace solutions- looking beyond the problem
  • Constructing the ‘Dream Team’ – We can do it

Fortis Consulting was established in 2007 as a national organisation designed to deliver consultancy for diverse Australian businesses - an answer to the traditional single-sector focused consultancy model.

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