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PICAC Express August: Quality & Safety in Home Services

Soon the quality and safety commission (ASQSC) will begin an assessment contact process to monitor the governance systems of home service providers. Now it’s time to be prepared! To help providers understand ACQSC’s expectations, governing bodies at home service can now access a Guidance and Risk Checklist Tool!

This tool is designed for you to examine business performance critically against the five key areas of risk, and identify the gaps for future improvement.

Let’s watch the video and learn more about it!



As the governing body of home service providers, you must identify and understand the Five (5) key areas of risk:

  • Organisation governance
  • Care planning and assessment
  • Clinical care
  • Vulnerable consumers 
  • Management of package funds
To get ahead of the game

Start embedding a culture of self-assurance: 

  • Identify and fix issues when they happen
  • Manage risk effectively.
  • Confidently meet regulatory requirements
  • Make the change!

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