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Oct. ACCPA Meeting: What’s New?

The Revised Aged Care Quality Standard

It’s now open to public consultation from now until 25th November 2022. You can contribute by completing a survey on the Department website or joining focus groups. 

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Residential Aged Care: Star Rating System

The Star Rating system is designed to help senior Australians, families, friends, and carers compare services to make more informed choices. It’s expected to come in the next 2 months. It’ll be based on:

  • Five quality indicators
  • Service compliance ratings: based on activities such as quality assessments and meeting quality and safety obligations.
  • Consumer experience
  • Staff care minutes

Each will have its own star rating, and they will feed into the overall rating of a service provider. And the weighing of each area is:

  • Consumer experience 33%
  • Service compliance ratings 30%
  • Staff care minutes 22%
  • Five quality indicators 18%

Residential Aged Care: Quality Indicators

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  • Pressure injuries
  • Physical restraint
  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Falls and major injury (NEW)
  • Medication management (NEW) including polypharmacy and antipsychotics.

Quality and Safety in Home Services: 5 Key Areas Of Risk

Home service providers now can access a Guidance and Risk Checklist Tool: self-assurance form to self-examine their performance and consumer outcomes on an ongoing basis.  


What are the 5 areas?

  • Organisation governance
  • Care planning and assessment
  • Clinical care
  • Vulnerable consumers 
  • Management of package funds

If you haven’t read anything about it, this short video will help you understand. 

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Reference: Department officials grilled at industry conference. Australian Ageing Agenda. October 14, 2022.