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3 Things the ‘Employer of Choice’ Do: Proved by Studies

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Changing a career or starting a career, now is A great time to apply for a job in WA. 

The unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest rate in many years. In Western Australia, the number has decreased by over 2% since 2020 and is now the lowest in the country. 

Attracting and retaining the workforce has become a significant challenge for all employers across a number of industries. Studies have shown the way how employers could get favoured by labours.


What is an Employer of Choice?  

An employer of choice is someone who provides a flexible, supporting work environment that allows its employees to maximise their full potential and helps to achieve both employees’ personal and cooperation goals. The employer workers choose to work for when presented with other employment choices. It also promotes longevity of employment in the workplace.

What do employees think of the Employer of Choice? 

Recent research shows that some of the organisations hardest hit by the pandemic came out on top in this year’s Top Employer List. Employee sentiment and attitude are changing over time. And the way Australian employers support their employees and handle the uncertainties during the pandemic has been rewarded by employee loyalty. 

What is an attractive employer like for workers? Over 180,000 respondents in the global market voted the key motivators when they are choosing an employer:

  • Clear communications
  • Emotionally support the employees
  • Adaption to digitalisation 
  • Helping employees to learn new skills 
  • Job security 
  • Knowledge of employees’ needs

Understand your employee: 

Acknowledge your employees’ needs and personal goals, but more importantly, understand their cultural background, communication style, personality, motivators, and work style. Employers should always use appropriate expressions when motivating employees.

       Help your employees to achieve more

Sarah Kruger, lead of ANZ HR, said employers need to help employees understand their strengths and set goals with them. 

Make sure their priorities always align with the organisation’s focus. The role employers play is as a mentor and partner toward success. Remember to support employees’ personal goals too!

 Be flexible: 

The age where we all work five days in the office is becoming a thing of the past as employees are demanding more flexibility. But providing this can only make a great organisation for employees to work. A hybrid working environment is a key to excellence. Studies point out that the shift to ‘radical flexibility’ has created a deeper connection between employers and employees and boosted performance. In addition, it indicates that organisations will benefit from a more productive, healthy, stable workforce when they try to support employees personally and professionally. 


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