‘Bounce’ Strong: Mental Health and Resilience

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What exactly is resilience?

It is the power supporting us to get through tough times. It is an ability to cope with/recover from setbacks, stressful moments, and overload. Resilience is also a spiritual value. It is the inner strength that gives us courage, confidence, and power.

Building resilience is increasingly becoming a necessity for us to meet the challenges we face both personally and professionally. It is now considered a core competency for teams so that they flourish in today’s complex work environment that is constantly changing and evolving. Resilient workplaces experience more cohesion, less stress and tension, as well as greater productivity.

What’s covered in this webinar series?

Module 1: What is resilience, really?

• Busting the myths about resilience

• Resilience vs recovery

• Understanding the stress performance curve

• Pushing your resilience levels up

• Using connection to boost your resilience

Module 2: How your attitude shapes your resilience

• What is it about your personal attitude and the way you think of things that decrease/increase your resilience?

• The three-P’s of attitude at work

• Storyboarding the challenges you face

Module 3: Values and goals as a compass for maintaining your resilience

• Creating a life and work compass

• Understanding overload

• Commitment cropping and setting goals that don’t create a crisis

• What to do if a crisis occurs

Module 4: How emotional intelligence can boost your resilience

• Understanding choice in our emotional state during stressful situations

• Knowing where you are on the four quadrants of emotion

• Self-steadying strategies

Module 5: Humour as an antidote to stress and making it all stick

• What role do humour, laughter and being silly play at work?

• Scheduling fun

• Making your learning stick


Jan 31 2023 - Jul 06 2023
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